Stand-up paddling (SUP) is a water sport where you stand on a large board and use a single paddle to glide across the water's surface. At Kadal Surf School, you can enjoy stand-up paddling in the calm and shallow backwaters of Udupi. It offers a serene and unique experience amidst beautiful natural landscapes, allowing you to observe diverse birdlife, chase mesmerising sunsets or sunrises, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
Stand-up paddling at Kadal Surf School provides an opportunity to explore within and engage in a low-impact outdoor adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Our Stand-Up Paddling Courses

1-Day Experience Course

1 Hour (1 DAYS COURSE)


Learn the basics of Stand Up Paddling with our 1-Day SUP Session. In this session, you will paddle in the calm waters of the Suvarna River guided by our ISA/ILS certified instructors. You will also be given high-quality equipment and safety gear to ensure your safety and enhance your learning experience. Throughout the session, our instructors will accompany you and provide continuous guidance and support.

This 1-Day SUP Session is a perfect opportunity to learn, relax, and connect with nature while enjoying the peaceful art of stand-up paddling.

3-Day Foundation Course

1 Hour (3 DAYS COURSE)


Experience a transformative stand-up paddling experience with our 3-Day Foundation SUP Course. This program is specifically designed to take your paddling skills from beginner to foundation level. Paddling in the serene waters of the Swarna River, you will have the opportunity to explore its flora and fauna. Through continuous guidance and unwavering support from our certified instructors throughout the session, this 3-Day SUP Course offers the ideal platform for your growth and progress in SUP techniques. Before the course ends, we assure you will leave with newfound confidence and passion for stand-up paddling.

5 Days Intermediary COurse

1 Hour (5 DAYS COURSE)


Take your stand-up paddling skills to the next level with our 5-Day SUP Course. Immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of the Swarna River as you paddle out and explore its serene waters in these 5 days. Led by our experienced instructors, you will receive expert guidance and continuous support throughout the session. High-quality equipment and safety gear will allow you to focus on refining your skills and enjoying the experience. As you progress your paddling techniques, you can navigate through several water channels and spot colourful birds perched on branches or gracefully soaring overhead.

Whether you're looking to improve your balance, learn advanced paddling techniques, or enhance your overall performance on the board, our 5-Day Intermediary SUP Course offer the perfect opportunity to progress and elevate your paddling abilities while surrounded by stunning natural beauty.


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