Surfing is an adventure ocean sport that involves riding the wave and propelling the surfer towards the shore with the help of a Surfboard.
Surfing sessions at Kadal Surf School take place in the pristine waters of Malpe Beach, Udupi. Start your day with early morning sessions, learning the techniques on the beach through interesting theory lessons. Then, venture into the water for exciting surf sessions, where you can catch waves and ride them to the shore. Afterwards, enjoy a well-deserved cooldown, reflecting on your surf adventures and embracing the beach lifestyle.
Surfing at Kadal Surf School offers a perfect blend of excitement, learning, and relaxation amidst the stunning coastal surroundings.

Our Surfing Courses

1-Day Basic Coure

2 Hours (1 DAY COURSE)


Learn the basics of Surfing with our 1-Day Basic Surf Session. Surf in the pristine waters of Malpe Beach guided by our ISA/ILS certified instructors. You will also be given high-quality equipment and safety gear to ensure your safety and enhance your learning experience. This 1-Day Basic Surf Session allows you to dive headfirst into the fundamentals of Surfing.

3-Days Experience Course

2 Hours (3 DAYS COURSE)


Embark on an immersive surfing journey with the 3-Day Experience Surf Session. Alongside all the inclusions of the 1-Day session, you will receive comprehensive guidance on how to handle the surfboard in the waters. Our instructors will be there every step of the way as you practice standing up on the board, honing your balance and implementing other techniques. With their support, you'll be able to ride the waves confidently, experiencing the thrill of catching the perfect wave.
The 3-Day Experience Surf Session is a perfect opportunity to develop your skills and catch some glassy waves, all under the guidance of expert instructors and with quality equipment and safety gear provided by us.

5-Days Foundation Course

2 hours (5 DAYS COURSE)


Take your surfing skills to the next level with our comprehensive 5-Day Foundation Surf Session. In addition to the inclusions of the 3-Day Surf Session, this extended program provides a learning experience that covers all aspects of the sport. You will have ample time to practice catching waves smoothly, honing your timing and positioning to maximise your ride. Under the expert guidance of ISA/ILS certified instructors, you will learn practical techniques and strategies for catching waves independently. This empowering skill allows you to develop a deeper connection with the ocean and gain the confidence to navigate the waves on your own.
The 5-Day Foundation Surf Session is an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of surfing and progress towards becoming an independent surfer.

7-Days Intermediary Course

2 hours (7 DAYS COURSE)


This program provides you with an extended opportunity to enhance your surfing skills. In addition to all the inclusions of the 5-Day session, you will delve deeper into the intricacies of wave swells and learn how to analyse and interpret them effectively. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will practice catching waves independently, refining your technique and mastering the art of surfing. As you progress through the program, you will witness a remarkable transformation in your surfing abilities.
Join the 7-Day Intermediary Surf Session and become a confident surfer. Elevate your performance and embark on a remarkable surfing journey that lasts a lifetime.


Surf Equipment

Safety Gears

Beach Lessons

Venue Analysis

Water Session

Accompanied By ISA Certified Instructors

Training Under Safe Environment

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1. I don’t swim can I still learn to Surf?

Yes, you can still learn to Surf without knowing to swim. Surfing at KADAL is taught in very safe conditions and the beach here is perfect for you to learn surfing

2. Which course do I select?

You can choose the surfing course according to your goals :) and pick it from Experience / Foundation / Intermediary / Advance.

3. I have never Surfed before nor physically fit - Can I still learn to Surf?

Yes, anybody can learn to Surf.

4. Surf Location

Kadal Centre For Sup Surf Yoga, Malpe Beach, Udupi